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There is a better way to build a roof. During the record-breaking 2020 Hurricane Season, approximately 95% of the nearly 17,000 FORTIFIED homes impacted experienced little to no damage and had no insurance claims. Homes built to these standards are also lowering insurance rates for homeowners in many states.

Hurricanes and tornados cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Thunderstorms, hail, and straight-line winds put even more homes at risk. Roofs are the first line of defense against extreme weather, but they are the weak link that leads to damage and water getting into homes.

When water gets in, insulation, drywall, carpet, and personal belongings are ruined. These saturated items have to be thrown away and replaced. Repairing and replacing these items can take months or longer. If you do not have the right insurance, you may not fully recover. FEMA will not pay to make you whole. Their average payout is only between $3,000 to maybe $8,000 if you're lucky.

Homeowners have a choice when installing a new roof. A FORTIFIED Roof will better protect your family and belongings. You may even qualify for insurance discounts and tax deductions and increase your home's value by upgrading to a FORTIFIED Roof. 

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Hear from this FORTIFIED homeowner whose home survived a direct hit from Category 5 Hurricane Michael!

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