FORTIFIED Silver includes all the requirements of FORTIFIED Roof™ plus addresses damage from broken windows and failures of doors, weak gable ends, and poorly anchored attached structures such as porch or carport roofs.

Failure of these elements can open up the home to the wind, wind pressure, and significant water entry. Failure of windows and doors can significantly increase (in some cases doubling) the wind forces working to blow the roof off or blow out exterior walls.

FORTIFIED Silver - Hurricane includes all the requirements of FORTIFIED Roof™ plus:

  1. Protecting all openings (with a tested and approved system)
    1. Glazed openings
    2. Entry doors
    3. Garage doors

  2. Strengthening gable ends
    1. Laterally bracing all gable ends greater than 4-ft. tall
    2. Improving the uplift resistance of long gable end overhangs
    3. Ensuring that gable end sheathing provides, at a minimum, the resistance to wind pressures and debris impact provided by 7/16-inch thick OSB wood structural panels attached to wood wall framing.

  3. Improving the anchorage of attached structures (porches and carports)

  4. Strengthening vinyl and aluminum soffits greater than 12 inches wide

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