FORTIFIED Roof™ is next-level disaster protection that has been tested by extreme weather. They are proven to reduce damage by keeping the on and the water out during hurricanes, high winds, and severe thunderstorms.

FORTIFIED Roofs are also Cost-Effective. Upgrades are simple and affordable compared to other existing roofing methods.

A FORTIFIED Roof™ strengthens your home in three ways:

  • Nail it Down - Ring shank nails double the strength of the roof connections.
  • Seal It Up - A Sealed Roof Deck keeps water out even if the roof covering is lost.
  • Lock It In - Reinforced edges lock everything together.

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3 Steps to Upgrade to a FORTIFIED Roof™

  1. Find a FORTIFIED Evaluator - Without an Evaluator, you cannot get a FORTIFIED Roof.
  2. Hire a Roofer- Get three written bids from three different roofers. They will follow this checklist to provide you next-level disaster protection with a FORTIFIED Roof. 
  3. Enjoy Your New Roof and Save Money

    Learn how to get a FORTIFIED Roof

    FORTIFIED Roof™ was created by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) to help homeowners keep their roof on and keep water out during hurricanes, high winds, and severe thunderstorms. There are many benefits to installing and owning a FORTIFIED Roof.

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    Over 25,000 homeowners have chosen FORTIFIED to protect their homes and families.

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