During extreme weather, a FORTIFIED Roof™ keeps the roof on and the rain out. 

  • Stronger connections hold the roof to the house. 
  • A Sealed Roof Deck keeps rain from pouring in – even if you lose shingles. 
  • Reinforced edges keep the entire roof system locked together. 
  • Shingles are rated to defend against high winds.

FORTIFIED starts by focusing on the roof, which is the most important and vulnerable part of every building. There are FORTIFIED standards for coastal and inland areas. No matter where you live, FORTIFIED is proven to reduce damage from the specific weather-related threats your home will face.

You will need to work with FORTIFIED Evaluator. They are the only professional who can help you earn a FORTIFIED Designation and take advantage of all the program's benefits. FORTIFIED qualifies for insurance discounts and tax incentives in some states

Video - Danny Lipford talks about FORTIFIED Roof™

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