FORTIFIED Roof was created to minimize storm damage and reduce property loss. But there are many more advantages to a FORTIFIED Roof.  


A FORTIFIED Roof™ is proven to be stronger than a standard roof. Hurricanes Sally, Zeta, and Dorian have tested FORTIFIED Roofs, and less than 1% filed an insurance claim. The FORTIFIED Standards were developed at the world-class IBHS Research Center to ensure their effectiveness. 


Gain access to substantial insurance discounts and tax deductions. A FORTIFIED Roof can also save you money in repair and rebuilding expenses because they outperform normal roofs and minimize damage.

Increased Home Value

A recent university study shows FORTIFIED can increase home values by nearly 7%! 


Re-roofing to FORTIFIED is affordable. The minimal upfront costs can be paid back quickly through lower insurance payments every year, tax credits, and lower repair bills. The peace of mind you'll receive from having a better roof is priceless.


FORTIFIED designations are renewable every five years. You can continue to receive insurance savings indefinitely, pass the savings to the next owner. 


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