Severe convective storms, or thunderstorms, form tornadoes that can cause immense and unpredictable damage. 

Steps to get you back on your feet post-tornado damage:

  1. What to Do After a Damaging Thunderstorm or Tornado
  2. File a claim with your insurer for both homeowners and flood insurance. Understand your deductibles. You will be responsible for these costs. Negotiate with your adjuster.
  3. Avoid Fraud - Do not assign benefits to a contractor, called an Assigned of Benefits (AOB) contract. Talk with your insurance company about claims directly. Get three roof repair quotes in writing on company letterhead. Check for a home builder or roofer State license. Download our Fraud Checklist
  4. Start your FEMA application or call 1-800-621-3362
  5. Apply for The Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. Applying for SBA loans can open up additional assistance even if you don't take the loan. SBA loans can also provide additional funding up to 20% of a loan value for rebuilding projects to mitigate your home, including repairs and rebuilding that will meet the FORTIFIED Home™ standard.
  6. If your home is damaged, do not answer "no" to housing assistance or rental assistance at this time. Those options can be used for temporary housing while you rebuild. By answering no, you may make yourself ineligible for some disaster assistance.
  7. Re-roof to FORTIFIED standards to strengthen your home and be eligible for insurance discounts.

    Tips to Help you Recover Faster and Re-build Stronger

    • Avoid contractor fraud 
      • With the right questions, you can find a quality roofer or contractor, avoid fraud, and get a stronger roof to protect your family. Download the Contractor Fraud Checklist for in-depth steps to take after a tornado.
    • Build back strong with FORTIFIED 
      • Now is the time to rebuild stronger. Upgrade to a FORTIFIED Roof™ to strengthen your home against future storms and save money on home insurance and taxes.
    • Use our Service Directory 
      • Find a FORTIFIED roofer or contractor. Make sure you work with a FORTIFIED Evaluator who can ensure your home meets the FORTIFIED standard. Without an evaluator, you cannot have a FORTIFIED home.
    • Tax Relief 
      • If you were affected by a Presidentially declared disaster, you might qualify for tax relief from the IRS. Qualifying FEMA disaster relief payments can be excluded from taxable income. Contact a tax advisor.


    Your existing home can get a massive upgrade with a FORTIFIED Roof.