Now is the time to find the best information so you can make informed decisions. Alabama has many benefits in place for upgrading to a FORTIFIED Home™ or Roof™. A FORTIFIED Roof™ will strengthen your roof, save you money on home insurance and taxes, and can help to ensure the safety of your home during the next Hurricane.

Alabama Hurricane Recovery Information 

Download this document to quickly understand your options when rebuilding or re-roofing after a hurricane in Alabama.

FORTIFIED Discounts - Alabama homeowners can earn steep discounts by installing a FORTIFIED Roof or building a FORTIFIED home. Savings range from 20-55% off the wind portion of the property owner's insurance. Additionally, Alabama provides statewide a discount on insurance rates for building using the FORTIFIED Commercial standard.

FORTIFIED Roof endorsement - Many insurers now offer homeowners an endorsement to their homeowners insurance policies, which upgrades their home to an IBHS FORTIFIED Roof if it is damaged and needs to be replaced. Learn more

    The Retrofit Tax Deduction provides Alabama residents an opportunity to get a tax break when mitigating their homes or businesses. Upgrades to resist flood damage and using FORTIFIED construction standards can qualify. Homeowners can deduct up to $3,000 or 50% of the cost of the work, whichever is less on their State taxes. Here is the language from the 2019 Alabama Form 40 Booklet (Page 16). Consult a tax advisor or the Alabama Department of Revenue for more information.

    Alabama Assistance to Individuals and Households(IHP) provides information about Alabama's FEMA-based support for individuals and families in the wake of a Presidentially declared disaster. Through this program, homeowners can find assistance through temporary housing, home repair, and home replacement.

    Check home builder or roofers license - Use the State of Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board License Verification site to check that your roofer or contractor is licensed. This ensures they are legally able to do work in Alabama to repair homes after a hurricane.

    Insurance claims 

    • File a claim with your insurer for both homeowners and flood insurance. Understand your deductibles. You will be responsible for these costs. Negotiate with your adjuster.
    • Use FEMA's How Do I Start My Flood Claim? website to understand the insurance claims, repair, and rebuilding process.
    • Use this checklist from FEMA to understand what you need when filing a flood insurance claim and how to negotiate with your insurance adjuster.

    Catastrophe Savings Accounts can be set up at any bank and must be labeled for use as a catastrophe savings account by the account owner (not the bank).

    Avoid Fraud - Do not assign benefits to a contractor, called an Assigned of Benefits (AOB) contract. Talk with your insurance company about claims directly. Get three repair quotes in writing, on company letterhead. Check for homebuilders or roofer State licenses. Download our Fraud Checklist

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