When you are ready to replace your roof, don't get scammed. At the very least, get your money's worth.

Here are six tips to avoid contractor fraud and help you hire a reputable roofer.

  1. Check for a permanent place of business, telephone number, and tax I.D. number.
  2. Get several written bids for work. A scammer will find problems that don't exist.
  3. Obtain and check client references. Hire a contractor with a good history.
  4. A contractor should never ask you to pay all costs upfront or require cash only!
  5. Verify the contractor is licensed (if required) and bonded.
  6. Avoid door-to-door contractors. Honest contractors get business from happy client referrals.

Also, just because a roofer says your home is "roofed to FORTIFIED standards" doesn't mean it's FORTIFIED. Ask who the Evaluator is and if you will get the Designation certificate when the roof is done. And get that information in writing.