Home and business owners are strengthening their properties against storm damage by using FORTIFIED construction standards.

If you are re-roofing, building new, or renovating an existing property, FORTIFIED is affordable and effective at protecting your home.

  • The program starts by focusing on the roof, which is the most important and vulnerable part of every building.

  • There are FORTIFIED standards for coastal and inland construction. Each standard will reduce damage from the specific weather-related threats a building will face, including hurricanes, high winds, and low-level tornadoes.

  • A FORTIFIED Evaluator is the only professional who can help you earn a FORTIFIED Designation and take advantage of all the programs benefits.

  • A unique systems-based approach requires documenting and verifying all aspects of construction to make sure homes and businesses are built to the standard.

  • FORTIFIED goes beyond code, meaning it exceeds most building codes by improving the performance of buildings against natural disasters and reducing the risk of personal property losses.


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