You can inspect your roof yourself, or you can hire someone. Just be sure to hire a reputable inspector. See our advice on avoiding fraud to learn what documentation a good inspector should have. 

  • First, check your attic
    • If you can see the underside of your roof, then you may be able to identify areas that need work on the outside. 
      • Stains on the inside of your roof decking are a good indication there is a leak. 
      • If you see daylight through the decking (from an old nail hole or rusted flashing, etc.), your roof will need patching.
  • Next, look at the roof itself - Use binoculars if you are not comfortable getting on the roof.
    • Look for curled or lifted shingles. These are not sealed and are not adequately protecting your home from water intrusion.
    • Look for dimples from hail damage or cracked shingles. Both of these can allow water into your home.

Learn what shingle damage looks like and learn what can be done about it. If you see roof damage, call a professional, licensed roofer to find out your options for repairing or replacing your roof.


Use the checklist, find a qualified roofer, save on insurance

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