Hurricane season is when most people decide they need to prepare for a hurricane or tropical storm. But you can and should prepare in advance with a FORTIFIED Roof to strengthen your home against these storms. A FORTIFIED Roof is scientifically proven to perform better against hurricanes and tropical storms and reduce the cost of damage from a storm.

Additionally, your home may face stronger winds than predicted in a hurricane or tropical storm. For example, Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a category 3 hurricane with sustained wind speeds of 120mph. However, the highest recorded gust from Hurricane Katrina was 135mph, which is the strength of a category 4 hurricane. 

Many people worry about the safety of their families during a severe storm. However, it doesn't take a hurricane or tornado to damage a home. 

Your roof can't do its job if it becomes damaged because of wind or rain, and it must be able to withstand the next storm.

Keep the rain out, worry less, and reduce the risk of damage from severe storms with a FORTIFIED Roof. 

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